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Supporting a person who is suicidal can generate a lot of mixed feelings.

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It can be a challenging thing to do, but it is rewarding because you would be saving a life. It is important you look after yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and stay connected with family and friends rather than being alone; thinking of the situation you got involved in. You can only take care of someone when you have taken care of yourself.

Taking care of someone demands your time, energy, which can be stressful. Ensure you remain healthy, know your limit on how much support you can offer so you do not burn out. Take regular breaks such as exercising,

taking a long walk,

seeing a movie

or engaging in an activity

that takes your mind off the situation for a while. During these moments of getting involved with a person who is suicidal, it is common to overlook your needs; that is why taking care of yourself should be a deliberate activity that you should do consistently. 

Spend time with other people,

eat balanced diet

and have a good sleep.

It is important you understand what you are involved in. Amidst looking out for another person, self-care is important. Remain in touch. Ensure you check up on the person

and ask how they are doing. Be observant, especially with their tone when they speak; connect with them on social media to stay updated about their status update (some give clues to end their lives on their social media page). Always offer your support. If the person improves, it is necessary you check up on them for a couple of months before backing out finally.

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