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"Oh my God, my potatoes are burnt! I forgot to add the word 'again.' This has been like my routine for several weeks after I lost my job—getting my food burnt!

Although I got another job, I feel I should not complain. Why should I complain anyway? 'You are lucky,' Anna would always say whenever we have our girls' fun activities to unwind. Anna always feels like she has something to say in every conversation.

Recently, I have not had the luxury of time to enjoy 'girly' nights out. I know I mentioned I lost my job, then got another, which I should be happy about. The reality is that I am not honestly pleased with my current position.

I worked as a secretary in my previous job. I am certain you know what a secretary does in an organization—receiving guests, forcing smiles, that sort of thing. There were some days I enjoyed my job, and some days I cursed the day I stepped my feet into the organization for an interview. I remember saying I can work under pressure and am a fast learner. I am indeed a fast learner, but I cannot say the same for working under pressure.

Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with the job; it just did not align with what I want. Not really, actually. It aligns with something I want, and that's definitely a bigger pay. Sometimes, I wonder why we cannot all be transparent during an interview. Like the interviewees asking, 'Why do you want this job?' and can we just say, 'It pays more than my previous job'? Funny! But these are my random thoughts. I have a lot to bring to the table but cannot overlook the fact that I needed more money. It is funny how I change jobs and get excited about a new one because I get better pay, and as years go by, the money is suddenly not enough to pay all my bills. Well..."

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