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Men's mental health stigma (3)

Encouragement and allowing men to speak openly and confidently about their mental health are important steps in helping men handle their mental health.

Seeing the behavioral changes in the men in your life is another way to raise awareness and encourage them to get help. These men could be your father, grandfather, friend, neighbor, brother-in-law, brother, friend-of-the-family, neighbor, church member, etc. Regardless of your relationship with the men in your life, it is crucial to notice these changes and to encourage them to get professional assistance.

Among these changes are listed below:

Their personality shifts from the person they used to be to a different person,

exhibiting personality traits including mood swings, an inability to deal with minor issues, and aggravation when addressing difficulties,

even though it is something they can handle with ease.

Also, individuals start to lose interest in activities they formerly enjoyed, such as hobbies, spending time with loved ones,

or they start to avoid social situations.

They engage in harmful coping

mechanisms like excessive drinking and other behaviors more frequently.

Also, they have trouble expressing themselves clearly, and when they can't, they become frustrated

Alterations in sleep patterns, hallucinations, and attempts and thoughts of suicide. Changes in appetite or changes in weight.

Despair, hopelessness, or a lack of enjoyment for formerly joyful activities

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