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What can the weight of the world be compared to?It is a rhetorical
question, and I am not seeking for an answer. What can be the relationship
between "weight" and the "world" , has any one tried weighing the world in
the first place? It doesn't seem like this has an answer too...But the
world can't be "weighed" right? So, who occupy the world? Humans? Animals?
Objects? Nature? All of these, yes. Humans are more significant. Well,
yes, I agree to this. When I talk about weight and look for something
enormous to describe how such can be, the highest i can think of is the
world because a lot exist in the world. In this world you and I occupy. I
have been trying to find the meaning of life, and I took my time to read
the holy bible, the book of Ecclesiastes chapter three and a lot of
questions pop in my head and most times, I do not want to know the answer
or maybe knowing too much could hurt or somethings are better left unsaid.
I might sound a bit too religious in my writings, but I'm sorry if it
doesn't go well with your thoughts about religion. I'll be as blunt and
expressive in my writings. Some people describe their hurdles or
challenges in life using this idiom 'The world is on my shoulders'
well,the world is not but you are blaming what exist in the world and how
it's unfair to you.
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