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Why is he abruptly feeling so sorry I know it is unlike him to keep me silent, but I can 

understand the fact that he went for an official task and perhaps, got so busy to call me. 

His expression of remorse this time appears distinctive like a farewell but he never said

farewell.The discussion finished, I did not call him for days and he did not call me again 

so I proceeded calling randomly on chosen days but his number never went through. It's

December already the year is rounding off. Labi is never coming back I can feel it, my 

intuitive tells me, he has been inconsistent. Possibly he might not tell it to my face that it

is over, Possibly he's frightened of hurting me more by telling me it's over or probably he

can't deal with that part of my past but I am trying to pardon myself, in spite of my past I
need to be a happy lady. I know I made a wrong choice I ought to have taken duty of my infant 

welfare even if her father rejected her. I am sorry my nameless child...
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