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Days went by I did not hear from him, we did not speak to each other for few weeks. On a night before going to bed, i got a call from Labi his voice was cold and faint but i could still hear
him. He told me he is leaving for an official assignment and will be back soon which was on the 
18th of February, his   number did not connect afterwards. On several occasions I tried calling randomly with the hope that his   number will connect. On the 29th of April was my lucky day, I called and he picked the call. I wanted to   yell  at him for blanking out like that but I was excited to hear his voice, at the same time upset   he had kept me mute.He sounded relaxed I couldn't keep my calm I spoke first. Labi what happened?   Are you fine? There was silence I could hear his breath there was no tension in his breath I could count   one...Two...One...Two... As I heard his breath. Are you there? He said he was fine and apologized for the   long silence he told me his absence might take longer since he does not know exactly when he is coming   back.👀  











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