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I became anxious, apprehensive he will abandon me or cherish me less.I held his shirt, 

and I was shaking he held me near and told me everything will be fine I felt secure

and looked into his eyes he gave a side grin. I told him I murdered my newborn because my ex-

lover said he was not prepared to welcome a child. I could see the grin steadily blurring off

from Labi’s face he was in stun. I told him it was not my intention to murder the child, but I could not bear

the truth that my ex-lover deserted my child even before birth . I told him I felt soothed

after telling him this, and it was the reason I have mood swings. I’m a changed individual I said, and such

can’t happen again. Labi kept staring at me he told me he understands but his face was

passive and I can’t say if he was happy or sad.

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