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Ike made me feel better but the thoughts of murdering my child and 
 trashing changes my disposition. On few events, I cry when no one is near 
to me, at the consolation of my bed or the washroom. On few events, Ike has 
caught me crying, and he finds it exasperating. He told me to halt living 
in the past, and he understands my bond with my mother but she will be sad 
to see you have not moved on. I felt guilty when he said this. It's 
not about my mother but an innocent child I murdered, how can I say this? 
He held my shoulders and looked profoundly into my eyes and said; Sandra, 
you're a shadow of yourself you never open up to me I am tired of making 
this work. I cherish you but you make understanding you difficult and how 
can I spend the rest of my life with you if you keep up to this? I kept 
quiet it's not a question that needs an answer and even if he needs an 
answer I can't think straight presently. He took off his hands from my 
shoulders, and he was gradually strolling away.👀
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