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I knew she was dead I wrapped her like a doll inside a pack and tossed her in a waste which is fifty minutes drive from my home where no one knows me and since she was very delicate individuals will think it’s just a waste and no one paid attention to what I was carrying. After that, I felt I could live a normal life free from stressing about a child my lover deserted but it got to be the most noticeably awful choice I took I got to be more depressed than I use to be when Labi told me he isn’t prepared to welcome our child. It begun affecting my health and physical look and I felt more blameworthy when I hear infant cries.

It was during this period I met Ike on my way home. We came down from the bus together and I noticed he was following me i halted and gave a questionable look and he grinned at me, I gave a tired grin I felt a bit comfortable. He inquired if we are able chat I told him he’s an acquaintance and can’t unveil my home address to him so i proposed we chat else where rather than my home. We were out on a date and enjoyed each other company we felt comfortable with each other and decided to take the step further to date. Ike made me better, though not totally. I told him I had just lost my mother which was untrue, I never knew my mother since she passed on after I was born. I told him that was the cause of my mood swings I couldn’t have told him I murdered my infant because the father refuses to take responsibility for his child. 😔😭

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