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I turned to the door and slammed it hard, but he never opened I could not clarify my sentiments if I was angry at Labi or if I despise him, it was a blended feeling.I went home sad.Now, I was convinced I had been deserted I became a different individual, a pitiful expectant mother, each time I go for antenatal other women are usually cheerful to listen about the lecture and arrival of their infant. The matron inquired me to wait after the antenatal but I told her I was in a rush and I would not be able to wait. You’re always in a rush madam she said with a grin, but I disregarded her but she kept talking; you ought to be enthusiastic, your baby is coming soon.There was no need telling her my story and besides ,my story would not bring Labi back.

I gave birth to my infant when I was nine months there was no name I could think for her. I resented Labi for abandoning the both of us. The nurse told me congratulations, but I never said a word I kept quiet unlike other ladies who were grinning. The following day, I told the nurse I was strong enough to go home she inquired if anybody would be picking me up and I moved my head from the left to right. When it was late evening the following day, I was home with my infant I had negative contemplation running through my mind I thought of dropping her off at the motherless home but I said to myself I am her mother she isn’t motherless after all so she does not have a place there. I thought of dropping her at Labi’s home and tell him; this is our child and walk out but the next action I saw myself doing is placing my hands on my baby’s face such that the air is seized and few minutes afterward I took my hands off.😥😥😥😥

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