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He was stunned to see me in his house but not upset.I yelled at him to be responsible, since he will

be a father soon. I am carrying your child! I screamed.There was perplexity in his facial expression

he told me he cherishes the reality I am pregnant but there are a few issues he is confronting and he

isn’t prepared to welcome a child. I was crushed and shattered. The infant in my stomach begun

changing positions perhaps the child knew her father just dumped her too.Why did you not let me

know this prior, Labi?Do you want me to end up as a single parent when you are still alive? I was

apprehensive, I started to shake a little but he gazed absent minded as if he did not see my body alter.

he apologized and left me standing. I was brief of words, why did he not let me know this during the

early stage of pregnancy perhaps I would have ended it no matter the hazard involved at least it is

way better than this mortification presently. The movement of the baby in my womb gave a sharp

pain as if my baby knows she would be terminated if her mother had known she won’t be accepted

by the father. I am seven months presently, and there’s every possibility I can put to birth soon.😢

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