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💔💔💔There were days when I choose to be alone, moments spent alone are

priceless this has been my recent activity as soon as I have my shower in

the morning I just stare at my image in the mirror carefully looking at

myself like it’s a stranger.I miss the cheerful image I use to see when I

stand before the mirror, how I use to twerk tiredly and jut my waist and

admire my image. I still keep in mind the words of Ike the last time I saw

him. You’re a shadow of yourself, he said to me.I am not who I use to be.

I meet Ike at the down moments in my life after two dates, we felt we were

compatible for each other. We talked about so many things including our

past relationships, objectives and long term plans.I was convinced Ike

loved me not because we talked about these things but I can tell from the

way he treats me. Perhaps somethings are way better left unsaid or

revealing so much harms or keeping painful memories even hurt more but I

know I miss Ike so much. We might have had a happy ending since we were

already arranging our marriage and the things we were aiming to do in the


I have had my share of heart break, and it was a bittersweet

experience with Labi. Bitter since I was deserted and I had to take an

innocent infant life and sweet since we had sweet memories. Labi was an

adoring man. He is everything I ever wished for in a man and he is fun to

be with. We fell in love, and I told him I was pregnant after few months

of dating.He told me it was a great news, but I can tell he doesn’t appear

excited about it. Days went by and my stomach started to get bigger Labi

became more distant, his calls decreased, his visits decreased and he no

longer pays attention to me. I started losing focus on my work. I’m

carrying Labi’s child and for the past five months he has not visited or

call, when I send him a message he takes three or more days to answer

when I put a call through, he tells me he is busy. On a particular day I

made up my mind I was going to confront him at home.

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