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Sometimes, you might not get the opportunity to meet the individual to ask for forgiveness it could be the individual is inaccessible for you or could be distance but you must do yourself a huge favor by apologizing to yourself, telling yourself you’re sorry and you merit forgiveness. You need to hear it from you before it can mean anything from someone else. Also, mistakes are bound to happen, and it is a fact. But mistakes vary some can be ignored whereas a few appear so big to be neglected which depends on what you have done.Though, I am not empowering the fact that you ought to make deliberate mistakes because you will eventually pardon yourself but I am saying that irrespective of what it is that’s making you pitiful or depressed or making you feel it’s impossible to pardon yourself, I need to let you know self-destructive considerations and all negative thoughts isn’t an option to bring you down.You merit a second chance. God’s forgiveness for us has no limit we are his children and it is never his wish we die in our sins.

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