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Let us also examine the story of Mary Magdalene in the book of Luke chapter 7 verse 37. A woman of the city whom they all regarded as a sinner, she strolled in to where Jesus was having a supper with his followers. She is known to have an ugly past as a prostitute and immoral woman, but she comes up behind Jesus and stoops at his feet tears fell from her eyes onto his feet and she wipes them with her long hair. She carefully kisses his feet and pours on them fragrant oil she has bought, but they all looked with disapproval (in the book of Luke chapter 7 verse 39) When the Pharisee saw this, he said to himself, If this man truly were a prophet, he would know who this woman is who is touching him; he would know what kind of sinful life she lives!” But their word at this point did not matter to Jesus he could see the heartfelt apology for her immoral life and he forgave her even if everybody condemned her. For Magdalene to sum up the mettle to walk to Jesus, in spite of what she has been named as, is a bold step and she would not have been able to do this if she did not recognize her fault and pardon herself first before going to meet Jesus.

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