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As prior said, forgiveness is a process and it’s a huge decision to make but it’s a positive decision which has a positive effect on you. Firstly, recognize that you simply have done something bad,acknowledge that you have taken a wrong choice or you have taken a terrible action. Once you have, recognize this, then it is simple to tell yourself you merit forgiveness or you merit another chance before you seek it elsewhere.Let me take our mind back to the holy bible in the book of Luke chapter 15:11-32 it tells the story of the prodigal child who asked that his father gives him his share of riches even before his father’s death. Of course, his father gave him his share, and he left the house but he did not utilize the riches given to him shrewdly instead, he misused it and lived a lavish way of life. He took an awful choice, but you know what? Let’s hear what he said in the book of Luke chapter 15 verse 18.

‘I will get up and go to my father and say:father, I have trespassed against God and against you.”

He made this choice to go back to his father because he recognized his fault and saw reasons to grant himself another chance. He forgave himself first before making up his mind to go and seek for forgiveness before his father.

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