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FIND SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR EACH DAY. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, gratitude is simply “the state of being grateful”. Gratitude improves physical health and self-esteem. It is certain you are going to have your down days sometimes; this is normal. Find something to be grateful for to divert your attention from feeling bad on the days you don’t feel good. HOW DO WE PRACTICE GRATITUDE? Get a pen and a paper put it in writing what you are grateful for in life. What are you grateful for? You might not write all in one day. It can be done daily. The timing of when you want to write is up to you. If you do not want to write, below is another method to express gratitude.

MEDITATE Try to find a moment on some days to be alone and meditate. According to Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave, gratitude meditation is;

“a simple way to meditate” because at its core, all you have to do is just “reflect on all the people and things you are grateful for”.

Gratitude meditation is a deliberate act when we need to notice the things we often take for granted such as; shelter, food, water, friends and the gift of life. Take a moment alone in a quiet environment; you can sit, stand or lay on the bed. It depends on the most comfortable position for you. Close your eyes while maintaining a relaxed mood; reflect on what you are grateful for: physically, mentally or emotionally. Gratitude increases our esteem. Instead of resenting people who have more than we do, we appreciate their accomplishments. Gratitude makes you to see the positive view of life and makes you feel better about yourself. Boost your self-esteem with gratitude!


Celebrating yourself is an act of ‘self-compassion’ because it increases ‘self-kindness’ and decreases ‘self-criticism’. To celebrate means to engage in a joyful activity. We spend a lot of time chasing money and obsessing about the future, but we lose sight of the small things in life we should acknowledge. Celebrating yourself not only feels great, it also reinforces a positive attitude. Celebrate life!

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