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Fear is from the devil. It is a tool the devil uses against us. Sometimes, the feelings of fear becomes so intense and leads us to make poor decisions or take absurd actions.

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Fear begins with a thought of what has not happened in your life.

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For example: What if I die? What if it doesn’t work? What if they laugh at me?

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As you dwell on these thoughts, you gradually sink deeper and lose faith in God.

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Besides, when fear is present, Faith is gone. Where does your fear come from? Your mind is profound and has the power to think of numerous things at the same time. Some of your fears could result from early childhood experiences that shaped your thoughts today.

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Your parent or teacher or a significant person in your life must have told you not to do certain things because they are perilous or the world is a wicked and unsafe place.

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Because of these experiences, these words shape your thoughts and you think that the world is indeed perilous just as they have told you.

You create these fears that mirror the things you have been told,

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and your fearful thoughts create your fearful experiences.

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To overcome your fear, you need to recognise what triggers you to fear. Ask yourself the reason you are afraid. When you understand your fear, you recognise your symptoms and notice the change that happens to you when fear creeps in. Some people show different signs when they are afraid. Some signs are: Stomach pain, racing heartbeat, sweating on the body or only on the palms, having the feeling of faint, overwhelmed by panic, Etc.

All your fear signs are valid and you need to accept what is happening to you at the moment as your fear creeps in. Reflect on the cause of your fear (s). It could be a traumatic event or stories from your childhood, or now. It could be what the significant people in your life told you. It is okay to have fears, but your fears should be addressed.

Fears are thoughts you learn, and it is possible that you can “Un-learn” these fearful thoughts. When you understand your fear, you are in a better position to handle them. Identify your belief about what you are fearful of and face your fears. Talk back to yourself positively when the feeling of fear creeps in.

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