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What is fear? Before I start, we all must have had this feeling called “fear” at a different point in our lives, which may be because of the circumstances at that point in time. This feeling of fear might be because of the obscure or a specific thing. Subsequently, I will leave you with the question by asking; what fear mean to you? (You can reply on your own and if you would like to share, drop your answer(s) in the comment section below).

Fear could be a feeling caused by worry because of perceived threat. Fear is a natural feeling and at a few points in your life, you have experienced fear. There are many reasons you feel fear. A few of these reasons for fear are:

Fear of failure.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of love.

Fear of being alone.

Fear of the unknown.

Due to these fears, you can be held back from taking further steps to achieve your goals. Instead of focusing on your fears, feel it and do it! Just because you feel fear does not mean you should be afraid.

The first step to overcoming your fear is questioning your thoughts. What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you let go of your fear? If this should happen, will you still be living? If yes, then you can let go of your fears. Be aware of your fears and make plans to overcome them. Be ready to go through the process of change when overcoming your fears. The process of change can be hard and can lead to further worry and uncertainty because you ask yourself if you are actually ready to overcome fear and go through the process of change. For an example, a smoker might have made up his/her mind to quit smoking, but the fear of going through the process might hold you back. You get worried about how it will be hard you will live without doing what you are used to. You are afraid of having a new experience with yourself without smoking.

Although, it might not be smoking, but there are several habits we engage in or certain things we do and we want to stop, but the question of “What if…” holds you back from overcoming your fear. Instead of dwelling on “What If (s)…” reflect on the benefits of overcoming your fear. It could be to start a new project/business, starting a new routine, starting a new meal plan, changing your way of living. These changes might bring uncertainty, but it is worth taking that bold step to overcome your fear.

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