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CONNECT WITH OTHER PEOPLE : Sometimes it’s hard to mingle with other people, especially when you feel they do not fit into the group you want.

There are different groups to join if you search and find the one that resonates with you. For example, a volunteer group.

Joining a volunteer group gives you a sense of purpose in life. Knowing that you are helping the vulnerable in the society gives you a reason to keep living. You will find a sense of purpose in life and fulfilment when helping others.

Diverse volunteer groups have a niche. It could share food with the less privilege, taking care of animals, cleaning a community, advocating for a positive right such as mental health, self-care, etc or educating the less privilege in the society about a particular thing that will be healthy for them.

Find the volunteer group that resonates with you and join. Apart from just volunteering, you can also connect with people of the same like minds just as yours and meet new people.

Volunteering is also one way to stay engaged (and busy) rather than being lonely.

You will not only have the feelings of being useful, but you will also meet new people and make new connections. There are a lot of charity groups that need volunteers. Try reaching out to them online or if you know their physical location. When you are involved in a volunteer group, try to engage in a conversation with people as well. Actively look for opportunities to talk to others, rather than being on your own.

Think about activities or hobbies you enjoy doing, or something you would like to learn, and see if there are any groups or classes in your area that do what interest you. Such as dancing, swimming, book club, gymnastics, going for a stroll with your pet,. When you have a dog and you decide to take your dog out for a walk, chatting to other pet owners and learning the name of their pets and their name can help you feel connected in your neighbourhood.

Think about what you will be happy doing without pressuring yourself.

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