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I saw him entering a car I don’t know if it’s his car since I saw a man on the driver’s situate perhaps it’s

his driver but he looked well dressed with costly adornments as I saw his wrist watch and accessory

or perhaps he takes legitimate care of his driver that’s if he may be

a driver. When he saw me, he told the man seating at

the driver situate that I am the criminal and the man gazed rankled at me. I disregarded his look and inquired

for my cash, and the man seated at the driver’s situate said.

“my companion if I were you, I will just slaughter myself.”

My punch was not sufficient to precise how irate I was to hear this but I had a really great tool that

can shut this man up until the end of time and I brought out the cut and they both panted

in fear but I ignored and cut the man on the driver’s situate over and over. I kept stabbing until I heard a

siren sound and when I attempted to elude I was caught by the policemen and cuffed.I screamed self-

defense! Over and over and when I turned to look at the man he was dead. I murdered him it

wasn’t really a self-defense but an endeavored murder. It was not my intention to murder him,

that was the perfect way to shut him up and tell him to mind

his business. I did not propose to speak to him at first, but he caused his passing or I couldn’t control

myself. I have spent nine years in jail and presently I have realized that not being

able to control outrage could be a risk to the society. I am presently labeled as

a killer.My family has ceased paying me a visit. I could not take my last exams in school and Lee is hitched

and taking off joyfully. I would

have lived a normal life, I have pondered on my encounter in jail and I figured it out I went to the

extraordinary, I misplaced focus. I don’t know when I am leaving this jail it is nine years already…

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