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I was so energized, I listened to blended commotions within the building
possibly a few were really happy I was getting the Cash and a few were not
upbeat since they backed his group and others indifferent.I looked around
but seem not discover him and my anger begun building up.Lee ventured out,
he has been getting a call for over twenty Minutes after the football
match was over.I saw the man strolling out of the most entryway that leads
to the Lager parlor and by presently anger had built up already. I
strolled rapidly to catch up with him since he appears to be disregarding
his guarantee prior and I held his cloth. But I can examine from his
facial expression that he was pitiful since his group misplaced or
possibly he could not bear composing the cheque for Me.He attempted to
discharge my hold from his cloth near to his neck but I was firm and kept
calm observing him battle, his voice abruptly got to be more profound and
he said, Are you cheerful presently my group misplaced the game?I was less
concerned about his discourse and when he wrapped up talking I inquired
for my cash and demanded he gives me cash or compose a cheque as
guaranteed but he gave me a tough punch on my eyes since his hands were
free. Let go of me criminal!He shouted angrily.Upon hearing this, I
discharged my hold and slapped him. He vindicated and we were trading
punch.Blood on our faces, heads, and a few parts of the body but no one
needed to stop.A visitor strolled in through the entryway where we were
battling and drew the attention of others who were carried away by their
chats and drinks and they surged to partition us and he kept talking;leave
me alone let me murder this man, is it, not my cash? I select who to give,
and how I spend. And I thought to myself have his intention been to murder
me, instead of giving me the cash?
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