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On a rainy day like this, I was bound by three constable. I was so solid
that I can overcome two of them.The third constable had to hold my neck.I
can still keep in mind I was shouting self-defense! More than once but I
was ignored.
Anger is an feeling and who says I don't have the proper to precise my
feeling.Just as we adore and express love, so moreover we express anger
but the awful thing about anger is not being able to control it.
It was on a Sunday and there was a football match going on.I came with a
companion, Lee to observe the football match together additionally have
drinks.Yes, drinks Since I am not devouring only a bottle of beer.We met
other individuals there larger part were male and around three or four
guys had females sitting Adjacent to them.One of the females dressed
outmoded which does not adjust to the setting. It's just my thought Most
times, the females I see around a lager parlor like this wear revealing
cloths, she looks beneath twenty but very developed for her age.I was
already on the second bottle, I listened a uproarious voice behind me,who
needs to wagered? and without looking back i reacted boisterously what is
the cost?  I looked at his feet and taken note he was wearing a casual
shoe and a local clothing which looks more like an English furnish on him.
He was full and looked sound I judged from his looks that he was
monetarily normal within the society, But as the saying goes do not judge
a book by its cover but the cover ought to reflect the substance. He gave
me a side grin and everybody begun clapping possibly not everybody but the
individuals I looked at were clapping, Including Lee my companion. The man
brought out a cheque from his stash and said in case his group ought to
lose he will compose me a cheque of five hundred thousand naira I gave out
a uproarious snicker and stood up to confront him. This time, I demanded
we shook since I was so firm around my choice some time recently the
football match begun. We all observed the football coordinate with awesome
expectation and inevitably the group he chooses lost the football match.
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