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Anger; a solid emotion or feeling when you are angry or frustrated I like stormy days, days where all over is damp and damped and few people are on the streets.Sometimes, I ponder why these individuals cannot appreciate the Comfort of their homes on days like this but they may well be out because they likely need to feel the cold air or may be a squeezing require and the rain isn’t sufficient to halt their plans. In a few movies, a few people kiss beneath the rain, amid the overwhelming downpour and i ponder if people actually kiss beneath the rain in real life but such can happen , after all, movies are the most noteworthy art since it takes composing, story,painting, animation, photography,music, and a few others and art is reflection of life or the society. I am not saying I like rainy days just because everywhere is damp and damped but, the environment changes and usually just the culminate time to rest or snuggle with cherished one(s) .It’s time for hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and on days like this when I take tea, I do not want backup I just need to feel the hot fluid travel down my throat. I still keep in mind the days when I was a kid and when it rains instead of being inside as I like to do presently, I will or maybe go out and play beneath the rain.Rainy seasons at that point was the finest time to have fun and play with companions. This action gave me pneumonia which I fought with for a long time. Indeed, as a grown-up, I still like to feel the rain drops on my palm it makes me keep in mind growing up. But why thinking back around rainy days? Well, it encompasses a huge significance in my life I still keep in mind vividly on the 28th of June 2009.

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