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There was a feeling of gratitude as I glanced through the window as I sat inside the plane and watched the clouds patterns.

Photo Credit : Luke Porter (From Splash)

The congregation of the clouds dominated the sky. The sky became a dance floor for the clouds. Vagrant white, few puffy, pregnant gray, Thick, Weighty, Huge, uncommunicative as they move freely in the sky like a liberated individual. However, I contemplated whether anybody thought about the sky a similar path as I do.

My memory of the cloud is never-ending since every one of the recollections I made before I left to another country played in my mind as I noticed the cloud through the window inside a plane.

Daddy! I heard my more youthful sister shout as we showed up at the air terminal. There was a feeling of new breath; a different feeling. Clearly, I’m not where I used to be in Africa. I’m in Europe.I smiled at my dad and strolled towards him for an embrace. Actually; like my kin were doing. We had a gathering embrace.

I got settled in the country and started schooling. Although I was not happy, I had to start from a lower grade because I did not finish my school in Africa before I got my Visa to travel. So, there was no formal certificate to go to a higher class; that is why I started from a lower class. “I will eventually get to a higher class,” I said to myself. It sounded easy to me, but it became quite challenging for me. My first task in the country is to study the language they speak, as this will enable me to communicate as I go on with my day-to-day life as I interact with individuals.

I had some weird moments in my class where everyone clings to their group of friends when it is time for a break, but I had no friends. The reason is not that I am not friendly, but everyone makes their friends and forms a group before they get to a new class. A random new student cannot join a group of friends, especially when you are a foreign student. It became hard for me to cope with it. I began reminiscing about my moment in Africa and how I had a lot of friends that I even select who stays in my circle and who might not be in my circle.

These memories brought a smile to my face. It became difficult making friends here, and all I had is my family. My family is acceptable. I experienced childhood in a home brimming with adoration and resilience, yet I need companions as well.

I felt forlorn and lonely as every day passed by

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