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As mentioned earlier, No one should make you feel inferior. Remember, God created you in his image; we were not made for the world.Most times, we are pressured to conform to a certain way because the world sees it as the norm. We should remember God created us for himself. He created us for a purpose; we were wonderfully made. Therefore, we should not go out of the purpose or allow worldly things to distract us from what God wants us to do.

Genesis Chapter 1:26-27 [26] Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.” [27] So God created human beings, making them be like himself. He created men and women.

Imagine the love of God! Before he created you, the Lord made many plans for you; he wanted to remove your feelings of doubt, worthlessness, hopelessness and more. Ephesians Chapter 1:4.

[4] Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us.

God has chosen us. He made us in his image, such that everyone has their unique features. We should envy no one or wish to be someone. Rather, we should appreciate every part of what makes us humans. In the book of 1st Peter 2:9.

[9] But you are the chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God.

God has chosen us. We are his own. He sees the worth of every person. Let me take your mind back to the story of Gideon in the bible that God sent to save the Midianties.In the book of Judges Chapter 6:14-15.

[14] Then the Lord ordered him, “Go with all your great strength and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you.” [15] Gideon replied, “But Lord, how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least important member of my family.”

If you pay attention to every word Gideon spoke carefully, you will come across the line where he said he was the least in his family which means he saw himself incapable to carry out the task God wanted him to do. He belittled himself and his background but God never looked down on him, God sees the worth of every person.God did NOT say; “Gideon, it is true you are the lowest you do not deserve this task I will find a better person”. God will never accept negative comments from you.

God never dwells on your weakness, failures, mistakes. He never agrees with your low Self-esteem or accepts the way you rate yourself poorly. God appointed Gideon because he knew Gideon would conquer the enemy. He also assured Gideon and said ‘I WILL BE WITH YOU’. Eventually, Gideon believed in God and believed in himself. He conquered the enemy and accomplished the task allotted to him by God.

Low self-esteem limits us from taking great decisions.Imagine that Gideon kept on doubting himself because he said he was the least in his family; he wouldn’t have been able to save the Israelites and they will perish in the hands of the Midian.

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