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When I talk about being happy with self it’s not all about spa days & facials it is a series of decisions. However, there are key notes to Achieving happiness and few would be discussed below and maybe some May have stories attached to them. Everyone has a story to tell right? Well, as said prior the real names of the individuals involved in the story won’t be mentioned. One keynote to achieving happiness is;

DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Some of us are not doing what we ought to do simply because we want to Please the society or people around us. It could be situations around us which make us do things we are not happy about and such situations could be a Job which you do to survive instead of doing that which makes you happy. Happiness is a state of mind and how we choose to respond to situations depends on us. We hear motivational speakers say “just start”, start that which you love to do, but as easy as it sounds, it’s not so easy especially when fund is involved and you need to market and pull a crowd, but why thinking of the end when you have not started? It could be that you love making clothes and before you start, you are already worrying about how people will notice you and start patronizing you, you are worried how you can be better than the best seamstress in town, You are worried about the cost to get a place to start your business,You are stressed about everything, you are worried…You are worried… In the midst of these worries, can you be happy? Of course, No! Because you Have not started that which you feel you love and want to do and you are already bothered. It might not necessarily be making clothes that you love doing, but whatever it is that your passion lies, do it! Love it! Be happy, about it and don’t worry about the end.

The internet is exceptionally near to our reach, and we can access it anytime, anywhere as long as we have the gadget. There are numerous educative topics on the internet we just need to search and channel what we want to learn. Skills are numerous(Sports,⚽ Photography, 📸Writing, ✍Singing,🎵 Teaching 👨‍🎓E.t.c) you can see what you actually want if you take time to know yourself and research on what you can do. Also, It could be a job you are doing, and you are not excited about it. So many things can affect your happiness especially if you allow it. There might be a situation your colleague talks down at you, and you say to yourself you will quit the job because you wish to maintain a strategic distance from such a person. You let that colleague disrupt your happy mood, you start planning your way out even when there is nothing wrong with you or how you express yourself. If this is your situation right now, remind yourself you are in charge of how you feel. The first step to tackle that is to avoid such individual, avoiding does not mean you loathe the person Or you suddenly develop hatred for such a person. If your job requires that you must see that person often, then you should work on yourself such that you do not allow what people say get to you or how people feel about you make you feel bad about yourself. Tell yourself you are the best human, tell yourself what other people think of you is how they view themselves and it doesn’t tell who you are. If we keep telling ourselves this, we will not scowl at every word people say about us. There are other instances but the bottom line is to be happy irrespective of the situation. Love what you do, and if you do not find happiness in that which you are doing, stop before sadness creeps in which might lead you to be depressed.👌

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