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Like shattered glass (Final part)

Bukola hurried to get a knife from the kitchen. She warned that if I went outside, she would hurt herself and everyone would assume I had hurt her. I had no choice but to stay.

I became overwhelmed!

Why am I involved in this relationship, exactly? I asked myself.

There are countless cases of this. There have been situations that I have just wailed because the situation is just too overwhelming for me to tell my buddies.

Besides, there is no point telling them, anyway. My friends will refer to me as a weak man. This could be entirely my fault. I recognized the warning signs and continued hoping things would turn differently or perhaps... The world has been unfair to me.

I feel unsure of so many things.

How do I end this unhealthy relationship? There are certain things that are difficult to live with, I mumbled to myself as I stepped slowly towards the mirror, stroked my face, and said. 

Things like heartbreak, loss, and regret, especially. Going through the anguish of experiencing a broken heart seems to never stop.

How can I possibly get away from this? How will I be judged by society? Would my friends believe I'm a good person? What shall I make of this?

A tapping of rain on the window turned into a pitter-patter once I heard it. As the rain got heavier, I just stood there and stared out the window.

The tears I shed mimicked rain. Depressing and never-ending, but watching the rain fall got me feeling nostalgic and positive about the future. I found peace and tranquility from the rain. The sky is also crying, therefore it's not only me.

The fond memories keep us going easily as the days turn into weeks, months, and years. This rain is one of the pleasant memories. Being broken-hearted is not an endpoint, but rather a difficult path that seems impossible to travel through.

Hi, there! Do you chatter to yourself? Said Bukola as she leaned against the wall and looked at me. I turned to the door instead of looking in her direction and I murmured, "I'm Alright," then walked away as I could hear her footsteps approaching me.

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