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Like shattered glass (4)

I was told to "man up" by Tom and Fred when I told them about how Bukola humiliates me. That, however, did not help resolve my issue.  They said I am weak and as a man I should not tolerate that act from a woman. 

Yes, I should not. I can't understand why I find myself going back to Bukola. 

I sometimes wonder if this is love or if I'm being overly sentimental.

I feel uneasy continuing our relationship.

I suppose I should see a therapist! It could be the problem is me.

The peak of Bukola's attitude was when I came back late starving from work.

 I went to the dining to get food, since Bukola rarely cooks and dishes in the dining when she can't stay up late to eat with me. However, there was no food on the dining. I strolled to the kitchen to serve myself, but there was no food there either.

She approached me and stated that I was not deserving of food.

I was puzzled. Why do you want to do this? I inquired. She said that I shouldn't eat because I am a cheat and cheaters do not deserve to eat. 

I approached the door and prepared to leave. She stood in front of the door as she walked. Since I cannot obtain food at home, I must get outside.

My cell phone rang when I was talking. Bukola slammed the phone on the ground when I tried to pull it out of my pocket. 

I started walking outside after pushing her out of the way. I ran back after hearing a loud noise. The TV was thrown on the floor by Bukola.

You need help!

 I let out a scream.

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