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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

To cut the long story short, we were in the talking stage for about 5 months and we felt we could take the relationship to the next level.

Let me tell you a bit about my love, Bu ko.. Bukola is a sweet young lady. She's kind and adoring. She loves to help people, and she tells amazing stories. I don't know how she makes up those lines, but they are usually short and I love the way she strokes my hair and tells her stories. They are like lullaby! Whenever she strokes my hair and tells her stories, I fall asleep like a baby. That is my favorite moment with Bukola. I love Bukola so much. If you had asked me in the 5th month of our relationship if she loves me I would have said: Yes! Although, I cannot say the same now. The reason is if you love someone, you won't humiliate the person publicly or privately. Despite the way she doesn't treat me well, I have been advised to let go of the relationship. Even when I make up my mind to let go, I still find myself going back to her. Whenever Bukola is upset, she destroys valuable items in the house and that was a huge shock to me. I have never seen someone so upset that they walk up to the TV, pull it down and smash it, or they walk up to the fridge and start smashing bottles of wines. I was scared since I could not control her whenever she is at that state. After one year in our relationship, we decided to have the first vacation together. We planned the location and booked a hotel close to where we would be having our outdoor fun. The vacation was for 5days before we return home. We met other lovers who also came to unwind. We made a few friends with some couples as well. After our dinner, I went to the cashier to settle the bills when I was trying to make payment there was a glitch with the network and I started involving the cashier in a conversation since there was no queue and I needed to pay before stepping out (Besides I and Bukola were already done eating).

Bukola sat close to me as I stood talking to the cashier while waiting for the network to return to normal. If you care to know about my discussion with the cashier, I asked her how long she started working and what her experience has been like in the industry. It has nothing to do with her personal life. As I kept talking, Bukola interrupted and said: "Do you have to keep talking?" I became perplexed by her question. I asked her why she made that comment, knowing I was just talking rather than looking at the open space until the network restores. Besides, she can join in the conversation. She repeated her question again with a high pitch in her voice. I kept her silent while she kept shouting and saying random words. I refused to pay attention to her till I made the payment and started walking away. She hurried towards me and grabbed my shirt furiously. I held her hands and told her to control herself. She kept struggling to let go of her hand. I knew she was going to do something bad to me, but I tried to be the gentle man I've always been and let go of her hand. She removed my sunglasses and smashed it on the floor and used her feet to crush it while she walked away crying. I was numb for a moment. What just happened? While will someone do this wicked act to you and cry? Is she trying to play the victim? It's okay if I can't figure out an answer for these questions now, I said to myself. As I kept talking to myself, a man came behind me and patted my shoulders. I was embarrassed to face him. I stretched my left hand to my right shoulder where the man placed his hands. I thanked him and walked away.

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