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Like shattered glass (1)

Where there is an ending, there is a new beginning, but I can’t seem to find this new beginning. Some things are hard to live with.

Things like regret, loss, and especially heartbreak. Going through the pain of heartbreak seem like a never ending pain.

These were the words I said to myself one morning as I stared at my image in the mirror.

Hello, my name is John. I work in a digital marketing firm and my job is pretty good.

I am good looking and I know what I want.

I remember using that line in my bio when I signed up for a dating site. There are various good-looking girls on dating sites, but my first rule is: I must see you physically before I start anything serious with you. I remembered Jane I met on this dating site a few years back. She appeared good looking in photos and has nice butt. We kept chatting daily and scheduled to meet in a restaurant for dinner. She had to reintroduce herself severally before I believed. Why does she look so different? That was when she told me she used filters in her photos. Well, she is okay… But not as pretty as the photos.

What happened to your butt? I asked her.

I just wanted to be real with you, so I did not put it on. She replied.

I nodded my head slowly in shock and made up my mind to see a lady in person before being serious. I shrugged and said to myself, Thank God she’s being honest, anyway.

We eventually did not go into anything serious. Perhaps I don’t like her that much for commitment. So, I told myself she was older.

Oh… Sorry for diverting. I wanted to tell you about a lady I met on this dating site.

Her name is Bukola. I call her Bu…. Ko… And she likes the way I call her that. The first attraction for me was her smile. How can a lady smile so innocently I mumbled to myself as I kept staring at her pictures. I told her I love her as much as I love her smile and we kept the conversation going for weeks. Apart from the fact she has a charming smile, her butt looks real in her photos. Why did I believe it’s her real butt, anyway? I told myself I won’t believe anything online till I meet the lady physically. Her case was exceptional. I thanked God for helping me locate the woman of my dreams. There is a connection I screamed with excitement while I gestured my hands in the air as if trying to catch something. I got her! I said in excitement.

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