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The first step to recognizing the signs of loneliness is to ask yourself few questions.

Take a moment alone and be true to your feelings, then ask yourself these questions.

• Am I happy with myself? (depends on your response which will prompt further questions or not)

• How is my relationship with others? Do I feel isolated when I am around people? Why?

• What is promoting my loneliness? How long will I continue to dwell on these emotions?

• How is my environment? Do I think that it’s awkward?

It is important to note that what causes loneliness for others might not be what will cause your loneliness.

It is also important you note the early signs of loneliness as you find changes in your interaction with people in other to deal with it and live a happy, healthy life.


• Feeling empty and alone in the world.

• Not feeling good enough.

• Resenting people around you (which could be because you don’t like the environment)

• You feel you do not belong to a certain clique.

• You battle to fit in.

• Stay indoors unusually.

• Spend more time on social media rather than physical connection.

• Getting angry and frustrated easily.

• Emotional episodes (For instance, feeling unmotivated for reasons unknown).

• And some others.

As prior referenced, the need for connection is rooted in our DNA and and if these necessities are not met, we sometimes slump into loneliness, making our situation harder to deal with, especially without help.

Acknowledge your feelings of loneliness without judgement, saying to yourself “I feel lonely, but I will not allow loneliness take the most awesome aspect of me”.

Loneliness is not a disease or a helpless condition. There are actions you can do to combat the feeling of loneliness and have a more meaningful relationship while also loving your company.

How can you overcome loneliness? (To be continued in the next post)👇

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