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Always think positive about yourself – build positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you; not talking down to you. There are some people we stay with, and they do not make us feel good about ourselves. Such relationships should be avoided. Avoid negative talkers. They see the bad in every situation and assume it won’t get better.

Do not criticize yourself. To criticize means to pass judgement about something which could be right or wrong. Often, we usually pass the wrong judgement on ourselves and feel guilty of certain things that have happened to us in the past or present and allow our guilt to affect how we live. Speak to yourself the same way you speak to someone you love; aim for progress and not perfection. Do not be hard on yourself. [Look up my writing about self-forgiveness.] Talk about the things you love about yourself.

Appreciate who you are; you do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. Relationships are nice, it brings a sense of belonging, but if you are not comfortable in your space, you cannot have a healthy relationship. Some people fear being alone. They pursue relationships in order to feel wanted, but if you learn to be comfortable in your space and love yourself, then you can inspire the people you mingle with. Being comfortable with yourself is not isolation.

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