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Social media has its benefits, but can also have a negative impact on the society. This depends on how you allow it to affect the way you live. Our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on us. Most people on social media show us what they want us to see; these include: their happy moments, fashion styles, trips, etc. Social media has the power to change your perception of the world and yourself in a negative or positive way. Some people show us the best parts of their lives through social media and comparing yourself to what you see on social media is the wrong way to go about it. The fear of missing out and belonging to a trend has done more harm than good because some people live up to the expectation of the society or their social groups. Just because you came across a post about your friend or random person on social media showing off their new car, you pretend to own one by taking a picture beside a stranger’s car. Do not live a life of pretence. You do not owe anyone that. Be yourself and work towards achieving your goal(s). Negative comparison will make you depressed and unhappy.

Also, we might come across one post or several posts of happy couples showing off their adventures, and we assume they are perfect. Yes! They are showing their happy moments but that does not mean they do not have sad moments too. Do not compare people’s lifestyle to yours. That most couples show their adventures on social media should not lead to resentment from you towards your partner and think he does not care, or he is not a romantic partner. Negative comparisons only steal our joy away. It is a good thing they are showing off their happy moments. Stop comparisons.


Social media has made possible new interactions known as cyberbully, which is the act of sending threatening, humiliating, harassing messages to a person to make the person feel bad. Cyberbullies use digital technology which does not require physical contact. Anyone can become victims of cyberbullies irrespective of your age, status, or position in the society.


Do not respond to such comment(s) when it is directed towards you; appreciate yourself no matter what you are being bullied for. There are people out there who wish to be like you, see yourself as the best version of any human.

Whenever you feel hurt, afraid or ashamed of these comments, tell yourself you are more than these written words, and they do not define you. Understand that these people, who write these comments want to gain popularity, do not give them that opportunity. They want to feel powerful, so you must not let them have power over you. The bully is the person with the problem, not you. There are many beautiful things about you; so be proud of who you are.

Block and report that user who is intimidating you if you feel uncomfortable seeing that person on your page.

I recommend you keep your social media privacy setting private rather than public. So, you know who you will permit viewing/commenting on your page.

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