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There is a sentence I am exceptionally familiar with, which says givers never lack other says, expectation hurts. In life, there are certain expectations we look forward to and the reason we look forward to that is the best known to us. Expectations kill happiness. Yes! We all have expectations, but there are numerous situations where we end up being disappointed. The situation might vary, it could be a simple call you’re waiting for and you wake up in the morning, all grins, full of energy, looking at your phone’s screen trusting and anticipating that this individual will call or at least flash a call so that you are convinced that they are thinking about you, but as time goes, smile slowly blurs from your face, you get gloomy, you get disappointed, since there was no call from the one individual who you needed to hear from probably to maintain your good mood for the day. Then, disappointment sets in, you become bitter and a few circumstances during the day might trigger you to nag unnecessarily.

Expectation leaves us bitter, and it steals happiness, do it yourself instead of anticipating. You’ll have had a well – spent happy day if you did otherwise (which is not expecting). Moreover, It can be a job interview probably you have put in so much and acquired a lot to get the job you had high hopes for and you were exceptionally certain, but for some reasons, you might have passed the interview but not called for the Job, you get disappointed and that feeling can drain you totally. I learnt not to expect anything since expectation hurts. I remember when I went for my first interview after school, I had high hopes I will get the job because I felt the job was for me and I’m qualified to have it. I dressed up and came for the proposed date I was to be interviewed. Upon entry, I was directed to a lobby, and the individual who directed me said there will be an aptitude test before I can be interviewed. My disappointment begun building up because I never expected a test before I can be interviewed. I eventually wrote the test and passed. A few other candidates and I were scheduled for another test (second stage) but I did not make this stage, One of the facilitators strolled up to me and said I failed the second test, hence; I will not get to the interview stage. I was sad and devastated, at a point in my life I said to myself why not experience life instead of expecting the next action. I had a profound understanding of this and applied it to my life.

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