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“He was swimming in a sea of other people’s expectations. Men had drowned in seas like that.” ― Robert Jordan, New Spring

If you need to attain happiness, you must not please everyone or live the way individuals or society want you to be, instead of what you really need for yourself. Social pressure has driven most individuals to be fake because they need to meet up to people’s expectation of what or how they ought to be. In attempting to put up with all these, we do not become a genuine version of ourselves, and we discover ourselves battling to be what we are not. One of the effortless ways to be happy in life is to not live up to people’s desire or how individuals need us to. You might not have all the assets to live a luxury way of life but be content while you attempt to improve yourself. Contentment is inward satisfaction; it is accomplishing peace from what you have got and understanding that you simply cannot have everything. Being content is being happy and fulfilled with what you’ve got. Bliss comes from a balance of contentment and wants. We ought to discipline ourselves to be content, so we don’t permit social pressures to make us do things we can’t afford or that’s past our reach; Failure to be content makes us live our lives the way individuals think it ought to be lived and the botches we make affect us, not the individuals who we really do them for.👌

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