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Whatever positive thing you do and it is accomplished, it automatically brings happiness to you. There’s peace in your heart because you have actually achieved something simple or difficult. As simple as it sounds, a few individuals don’t put in so much exertion to accomplishing that which makes them happy. Rather, they put in efforts to add to the happiness of others which is, doing things to please other individuals instead of themselves. Happiness is determined from the small things we do, and how we make this a propensity makes the feeling (happiness) long-lasting. What does happiness mean to you? Or what does it mean to be happy? For me, being happy is to be fulfilled at what you have done or what you’re doing. Happiness is content. So many individuals know what it is to be happy but only few have taken a brief time to really examine how they feel and appreciate the delight that’s connected to being happy. Let’s take a quick examination to gauge the state of our happiness.

Are you happy with yourself? Are you content with your body shape? Are you happy with the individuals you encompass yourself with?

These are few questions you ought to answer yourself. Happiness is a choice, not a result and nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No individual will make you happy unless you choose to be happy, your happiness will not come to you. ~Ralph Marston. As seen in the quote above by Ralph Marston, we are in control of how we feel and if we choose pity, we are going be pitiful and if we choose happiness then, we’ll be happy. Most times we are responsible for 80 percent of what happens to us out of a 100 percent. Happiness is a state of mind and how you choose to respond to situations that concerns you. Some of us select to be unhappy because we are financially down, but the search for money never ends that’s why the wealthy gets wealthier and everybody keeps striving to be wealthy and what was bought exceptionally costly today or what trends presently will be obsolete someday and supplanted with something modern. New things come out each day and if we put our joy on material things then we might never discover genuine happiness.Some are out there and wealthy but however, they are troubled. Well, we might ask ourselves why the latter is troubled besides the money is available and sufficient but money isn’t what makes people happy. Money is a necessity but cannot be the source of one’s happiness. Each of us has our distinctive definitions about happiness, if I ask what happiness implies to you. While some individuals might say money gives them happiness, some individuals say being alive gives them happiness . Kindly find below, a few individuals response when I inquired what made them happy or what happiness mean to them. Happiness means peace of mind. Happiness means investing time with loved ones. Happiness means falling in love with the right individual. Happiness means eating great food. Happiness means being intimate with loved one. Happiness means when you are loved right. Happiness is having love thoughts or thinking about love. Happiness is going on a new trip.

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