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LOW — Less (than average) SELF — Identity or personality ESTEEM — Respect and admiration

When we have a high self-esteem, we feel positive about ourselves. Your self-esteem can either be low or high, these have to do with the circumstances around you or how you allow the circumstances to affect you. The following reasons might cause low self-esteem.

Some do not have confidence in themselves, which has to do with their body shape, scars, acne and other things uncomfortable with how they see themselves.

Some grew up in an environment where their opinion (s) never mattered due to excessive criticism and rebuke, which has a devastating effect on the person. Therefore telling a child He/She is incapable or no good can cause depression and less self-confidence. Most times, they hear words like; shut up! what do you know? Or a snide response. They grow up feeling they have nothing good to bring to the table; they withdraw their ideas and keep to themselves.

Some have always been in an abusive relationship, and it seems normal when they are not treated right.

Some involve themselves with negative Peers or social groups that bring them down, such as; disrespecting you or your decision(s), pressuring you to do things against your wish, which can make you feel something is wrong with you.

Do not let your life’s choice be determined by other people’s opinions. Pleasing people will sometimes drain you completely. Individuals with low self-esteem feel bad about themselves and judge themselves as inferior there by not living a fulfilled/healthy life. People with low self-esteem cannot be helped by compliments because they do not believe them and cannot accept them since they focus on their negative sides. Compliments have to come from the victim first before it can mean anything from someone else. There is a saying there is no bigger foe to a man than a man himself (Man in this context implies all genders.) No one can affect us as much as we do to ourselves. No one should make you feel inferior. If you are constantly proving your worth, it means you have lost it and you no longer have value for yourself. One way to help people not to feel bad about themselves is to avoid stereotypes, which are the overgeneralized belief about a particular class of people. Most of the time it’s based on assumptions.

Stereotyping is discriminatory to a particular group or an individual. There are some situations people avoid the black man – they believe the blacks commit more crimes than anyone. If you already stereotyped blacks this way and you have a black Man in your community, you have already made that black Man feel bad because His or Her efforts can never be enough for you to give credit to, which makes the victim feel awful about themselves. Regarding violence, some people get involved in fights which have nothing to do with where you are coming from. Please avoid stereotyping.

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