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We all have our different routine before we go to bed at night. Below are some things we might have been doing before sleeping at night.

 Switch off the lights in the room.

Switch off the phone.

 Read (which could aid sleep for some people).

 Listen to music.

 Write a to-do-list for the next day.

 Praying and meditation.

 Etc.

Have you thought of giving yourself the permission to dream before falling asleep? Your inner critic must have told you a lot of negative things and made you believe you cannot achieve what you set out to do or you are a failure. These are all lies! It is time for you to daydream (Only positive dreams).

Note: If your inner critic gets in the way, attempt to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Imagine the good things that will happen in your life. Imagine them in great detail.

•Have you been planning a presentation at your workplace, but yet to deliver? Imagine you are well dressed standing before the people you will address. Watch yourself talk with ease while your audience applaud you; even before you finish the presentation (Did this make you smile?).

•Are you tired of always using public transportation? Imagine yourself driving the car you want. Enjoy the feeling of owning your car.

•Do you wish to be a boss rather than a staff in an organisation? Imagine yourself addressing your staff as the boss and watch yourself be that charismatic leader.

•Are you tired of being a worker and you want to own a business? Imagine yourself owning that business you have always wanted.

Allow yourself to enjoy the happy feelings of what you will be. I hope you smiled through this. At the end of daydreaming, our body is relaxed and we can sleep better. The goal is to have a good, hopeful time and let our minds unwind to make us feel good about ourselves. They are not reality; only imagination, but you will have a better feeling of yourself. This way, there will be no room for your critic, because you have created an atmosphere of hope.

LET US DO THESE MIND EXERCISES. Fill in the blank space with what you choose.

  1. I am………….. (Smart) (Worthy)

  2. I am a……….. (Genius) (Perfect partner)

  3. I am…………. (Beautiful) (Grateful)

  4. I am……..magnet (Money) (Success)

  5. I am……….. (Blessed) (Positive) (Confident)

  6. I need to………. (Rest) (Exercise)

  7. I forgive………. (Myself)

  8. I believe in……… (Myself)

(You may drop your comments below after filling what you choose in the mind exercises above).

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