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Do not give yourself death penalty because of life’s challenges.

Your pain may seem overwhelming and permanent at the moment, you may feel the world is on your shoulders and your pain has no end. Hopelessness may lead you to think about suicide, but you are not alone. Some people have thought about killing themselves and have let go of that thoughts and choose to live. Having suicidal thoughts can overwhelm and can be scary. You may feel you are useless and not wanted by anyone.

These thoughts begin as a small voice quietly whispering negative words to you. These words could be: “You do not deserve to live,”, “Your family and friends are better without you,”, “You are a burden and kill yourself,”. If you dwell on these gentle negative whispers, you will start to believe them and will gradually act on them. You may blame yourself for the mistakes in your life and think it will be better if you were dead.

Having suicidal thoughts doesn’t mean you are weak; it means you have more pain than you can cope with at the moment. You are not alone and there are things you can do to feel better; you can still accomplish great things in your life. Killing yourself will create grief and pain in the lives of your loved ones. Give people (you trust) a chance to help you. It is not healthy to manage these thoughts on your own, share your thoughts with someone you can trust.

Sharing your thoughts to a trusted person, who can listen to you, makes you relieved. They will help calm you and assist you in getting professional help if need be. Below are some people you can reach out to in times like this.

 A Counsellor.

 Pastors/Religious leaders.

 Family members.

 Doctor.

 Friends/close colleagues at work.

 Phone help lines.

It can be difficult talking about your suicidal thoughts, but it is necessary to share what is going on with you, talking about your situation can help you understand the implication of your thoughts and you and your counsellor will explore different ways to help you cope and recover.

When it feels impossible to focus on anything other than your pains, look for distraction(s). I understand it’s difficult to think of things you used to enjoy, but force yourself to do the things you used to enjoy rather than dwelling on your pain.

Watch your favourite television show(s), play online games that interest you, listen to your favourite music and sing along, solve a puzzle. Try physical activity such as jogging, take a long walk, stay close to nature. These activities can take your mind off and help you re-focus.

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