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At a point in my life, I felt God deliberately favoured some people and left some (like me) behind.

Why am I telling you my story? The reason is that I want to let you know that I used to be a victim of fear and now; I am taking baby steps to overcome fear by sharing my story with you all who will read. Fear is like a cage that has a chain. This chain pulls you back when you try to escape. For you to let go of fear, you need to get rid of the chain that is holding you before you get out of the cage and set yourself free. The only way to be free is by not letting that fear rule you or take advantage of you.

Fear made me unable to go out because I feared how people would judge me. I sat down and asked myself “if I do not set myself free, who will”? No one! Either I let go of fear or remain a slave of fear. Of course, I choose the former. I overcame my fear by letting myself free and I stopped having bad images about people judging me and pointing fingers at me. I stopped having fear of trying out new things like; going out to party and exposing myself to good things. If you are held back by fear, then I am the right person to tell you that whatever voice that is telling you, you cannot do anything is a lie! Because you can do it and you have the potential. Don’t let that little voice lie to you. You can conquer almost any fear if you decide to conquer.

Dale Carnegie once said, “Fear doesn’t exist  anywhere except in the mind”.

Thank you Hellen for allowing me share your story on my blog.

Thank you for inspiring us. Keep winning!

°Her blog’s name is- hellensblog123 ( If you wish to follow her blog)

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