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Firstly, in order to forgive there’s a need for communication with yourself or the person that should be forgiven. When it comes to communication with you, the need for reflection comes in. It is a point where you reflect on your action and the ought to give yourself another chance. If you do not forgive, guilt will suddenly crawl in which can lead to shame and shame makes you feel awful about yourself which also makes you feel inferior and leads to low self-esteem and develop to depression. St. Paul use to persecute Christians in the past but, he refused to let his past affect his present. God gave him a chance, and he took a chance on himself by also forgiving himself of his wrong doings after God forgave him and he did not allow blame to creep on him he never permitted his past to define how far he can go. Even when he began preaching and people were frightened of him and mumbled how he killed Christians in the past, He was full of certainty preaching the word of God.

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