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Colossians 3:13 " forgive as the lord forgave you." 
The word of God is evident, if we can plead to God for pardoning and he 
pardons by giving us another chance to change then, why can't you forgive 
as the lord forgave you. When we talk about forgiveness, most of us might 
start thinking about the individuals that hurt us in the past or present 
but have you thought of yourself? Put yourself first sometimes. What is 
that one thing you have done intentional or inadvertent that you just 
find it difficult to pardon yourself first even before asking for 
forgiveness somewhere else? Botches are bound to happen, and things are 
bound to happen accept it as a fact and know that everybody merits 
forgiveness, a chance to change and you're not excluded. I know in a few 
circumstances individuals take advantage of the fact that you can forgive 
them and sometimes we take advantage of the fact that we will always 
pardon ourselves and so we do cruel things to harmed another individual 
either physically or emotionally which is unfair. Forgiveness is a 
process, and you deserve forgiveness.
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