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How do I really learn pardon to myself? How do I halt faulting myself for the botches I have made? How do I discover peace within myself to move forward, instead of continuously looking in reverse? How do I turn this around, before I completely lose myself? How do I put the past behind, and stop it from haunting me? What does it mean to forgive?

To forgive implies to halt feeling angry towards somebody. It implies to harbor no resentment against anybody, and You detain yourself when yo don’t forgive. Pardoning yourself is the only way to start again. Forgiveness is freedom. Forgiveness brings peace. You’ll get trapped in the darkness of shattered memories when you do not forgive. A few of us have found ourselves in a really most noticeably awful predicament, and we just want to hurt ourselves for doing what we did. We despise ourselves, we revile the day we were born and with our own mouth we say cruel words to ourselves. Some go as far as telling themselves these cruel words:

‘I despise myself right now’ ‘I want to die’ ‘I am completely useless’ ‘I am the worst individual on earth right now’ ‘I am a huge fool’ ‘I do not deserve love’

Some go to the extreme of harming themselves. But, hello! Those words are cruel when you tell someone that and presently you’re saying those words to yourself. If you do not forgive yourself how can you earn the forgiveness of others? If you keep using cruel words on yourself how can you live a healthy life and have a positive vibe? Pardoning sounds simple but, it is a process. You need to open your mind to accept it either from you or someone else.💪

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