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It is difficult to determine if a person is about to commit suicide.

People who are feeling suicidal may not come out and tell you they are feeling suicidal.

It is important to ask when you notice a change in a person’s behaviour.

Although a person who talks about suicide may give a warning sign that s/he may attempt suicide (this is; suicide threat),

most suicide people have planned carefully and thought about the act for weeks or months. It is not an impulsive act. A person who could experience suicidal thoughts may show some signs which are listed below.

•Excessive sadness.

• Hopelessness.

• Unusually calm (This can be a sign that the person has given up on life and decided to end his/her life).

• Talking about being a burden to others.

•Consuming more alcohol than usual.

• Expressing regret about being alive.

•Choosing to be alone and avoiding social activities.

•Poor personal hygiene.

• Reckless living such as, Rough driving, increased intake of drugs.

•Making preparations as if going away for a long time (This might include visiting friends, family members, and social groups).

•Talking or explaining why suicide is best (Every threat of suicide should be taken seriously to prevent the victim from carrying out the act).

•Giving away valued possessions.

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