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What is suicide? Suicide is the act of intentionally ending your life. Is suicide an option? No! It might seem as if your pain is endless and you will never find happiness again, but there is hope! Certain difficulties in life may trigger the thought of suicide. There are several reasons these people commit suicide:

 Some commit suicide because they were raped.

 Some commit suicide because they were falsely accused as liars, or they were charged with crimes they did not commit (since it is hard to accept what has happened to them, they intentionally end their lives).

 Some commit suicide after the death of a loved one.

 Some commit suicide because of difficulty in relationship.

 Some commit suicide because of prolonged illness during which they feel unworthy of living.

 Some commit suicide because of financial loss.

 Some commit suicide because of physical illness.

 Some commit suicide because they are victims of bully.

 Some commit suicide because of cultural pressures- such as forced marriage.

There are lots of reasons some people may want to commit suicide; the reason is- they want to end their suffering. Death is not a solution to hard times. Instead, death brings pain to the victim’s family. The loved ones you leave behind after killing yourself would live the rest of their lives in pain of losing you. Your loved ones will blame themselves for not being able to save you. Suicide is not a solution; staying alive is the best way to deal with the issue troubling you.

Everyone goes through pain, heartbreaks, difficulty in finances/ relationship. You are not alone. Sometimes, we all go through tough times in life.

Photo credit: Dominikpinand

Photo credit: Dominikpinand

In these tough times, we may have occasional thoughts of ending it all. It may seem like the only way to be better rather than be a burden is to end it by committing suicide.  Hopelessness can make you have bad random thoughts, which can be so overpowering that it clouds your judgement and leads you to believe that taking your life is the best option. 

It may take some time to get over the feeling of hurt, heartbreaks, disappointment, loss of a loved one, rejection, divorce and some other hurts. It can be really hard to go through these, especially when you think you can do this alone. It may seem your happiness will never end, but it is important to know that with help, you can overcome these negative thoughts you struggle with.

Please, confide in someone you can trust (I will share helplines at the end of this topic; it might be helpful if you do not wish to speak with someone you are familiar with).

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