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At a point, I felt like I was gradually dying; dying of sadness. I isolated myself from social gatherings and yelled at everyone who told me all will be well. On Wednesday night at about 10:44 p.m. (I can’t figure out the precise date.), I picked up my phone because I could not sleep. I started typing whatever came to my mind on Google – the search engine. The first I typed was one-eyed girl, and I got random pictures of girls. Some were winks, some closed one eye with one hand. I was not satisfied with what I saw; I typed again. What is the effect of losing an eye? The search result displayed on my screen. So, I started reading; fear and anxiety and loss of self-esteem are the effects of losing an eye. Occasionally, these problems may cause the individual to withdraw from social situations. I agreed to what I read. I typed again: what does it feel like to live with one eye? Many answers popped up, but I came across these words written in capitals: I AM BLIND IN ONE EYE AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW. There was also a small writeup below; I looked closer and noticed it is the name of a person: DINA SIMPSON. I started reading the author’s story. I will summarise the content because it is lengthy. The author sustained a traumatic injury which left them blind in one eye. The author said the blindness in one eye changed their life. There are some questions people asked the author, and the answer given is based on personal experience. Blindness isn’t something you adjust to quickly. The vision in my right eye was taken from me in a terrible accident. (I gave a long sigh and nodded in agreement while I continued reading) I do not see things the same way anymore; it takes time for your brain to adjust to that. No two eyes will have the same visual experience; I do not see you even when you are right next to me. Losing an eye is stressful, physically and emotionally. The change has been a long process, still ongoing for a year and a half. After reading this story, I was touched and became more heartbroken.

I do not know the author, but I felt sorry for the author and myself. I began mumbling words to myself; I said I will be worse and might not get over it since that author is still adjusting to this change. 😥😢

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