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⚠️CONTENT WARNING: The passage you are about to read is a true life story of a victim that committed suicide due to rejection from the woman he loves as a result of his health issues. This content might be disturbing to some readers.

It is a ritual in my writings to share true life stories and provide emotional support. (Emotional support will be given at the end of the story). . . . . . . .

I met a beautiful lady. I am not emphasizing about her physical beauty; however, her good ethics and some intangible qualities make her beautiful to me. We dated for few months and knew we were comfortable to take the next step to marriage. We fixed a date which I would formally introduce myself and my family to her family. I was thrilled when the day for the introduction finally arrived. The formal greetings were going on among both families

while my bride and I grinned and blushed at ourselves. As the occasion was going on, my limbs began to twitch, although not noticeable. ‘’Not today’’, I whispered to myself. My bride noticed my facial expression had changed; I quickly stood up to use the restroom, but on my way, the seizure tossed me on the floor and I convulsed (while producing a frothy liquid from my mouth).

I found myself at home a few hours later. My sister told me I convulsed during the introduction ceremony; hence, the ceremony couldn’t continue. I nodded my head in agreement to what she said. I felt embarrassed when I fell during the ceremony, but I couldn’t help my situation. I did not hear from my bride for a few days after the ceremony. It is unusual for her not to keep in touch. On the fifth day, I went to her house, but I did not meet her there. Her mother informed me that she’s out of town. I requested her contact since the contact I have is not connecting. When I dialled her number, I could reach her. I introduced myself, but she responded in a dull tone. I apologized for ruining our special occasion, but she said there would be no need for my apology since she would not get married to me. She also warned me not to call her number again and hung up.

I still held the phone, trying not to believe she broke up with me.

I felt like a failure again. I couldn’t become a priest because of my health issues, and now the woman I love refused to get married to me because she saw me in my worst state. What else can I do?

My health issues kept getting in my way directly or indirectly. The thought of dying occurred to me again; if only I am dead, all these would not happen to me. I got home after taking a long walk around the neighbourhood on a random day, I became gloomy. Although my sister is always around to give me her support whenever she notices I am not feeling good. I am grateful to her (she’s always there for me).

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