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Anger is a loss of self control and temporary madness for a period of
time. The emotion can impede a person's decision making or relationship
with people. Learning to control one's anger is a skill which can prevent
emotional damage.Anger is a response, and Anger is a voice, most times,
the way it is voiced is misunderstood because there is no control from the
person expressing the anger. The first step to controlling one's anger is
to recognize the signs, it is from these signs it starts building up. Just
as individuals vary, so the signs that pop up with anger varies. I have
asked few people the signs they notice when they are angry and below are
some people's physical signs of anger:

Pacing and tapping of feet
Clenched fists and jaw
Domestic chores
Deeper voice
Negative thoughts
Change in behavior (negative change)
Redness in the eyes
Tension through out the body
Stomach pain
Increased voice

Among these, mine is included which is crying and faster breathing It is
hard to manage anger but it is possible for it to be managed so that it
does not go out of control. First, recognize your physical signs

1. Evacuate the scene immediately.
2. Make a contact with someone who is not the reason you are angry. For
me, if I do not see anyone who I can speak with, I talk to myself in the
mirror. It could help you too but, if you have a very high temper do not
face the mirror you might punch and physically hurt yourself the
more.Vocally expressing your anger helps unburden the weight in your heart
and makes you  feel better.
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