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I had few friends in other offices when they heard what happened, they came around to see me but I could not clarify what happened at that minute since I was grouchy. One of the young ladies embraced me and tapped my back she told me all will be fine and offered to provide me transport fare, but I told her I had sufficient cash on me. I was at home for 8 days, on the 9th day I got a call from my boss telling me to continue work. During my stay at home, I had a profound reflection and pondered on my long and short term goals as well as making sure my goals is in line with my happiness I realized the earlier I halt this job,the way better for me, I told my boss I was going to resume 3 days after we spoke and undoubtedly I resumed. Even if I had made up my mind, I was a bit uncertain because I am the employee he trusts and the one who knows the job well, but I can be replaced right? This brings me to a question. Can everybody be replaced? I used to have a friend who says that irrespective of how great you’re or better at something you can always be replaced. Well, that’s a question for you or possibly it’ll be a subject sometime in the not so distant future but I don’t completely concur with that. I accept individuals are special in their own way, and you can be replaced because the other individual has 80% of what you have, but you can’t be totally replaced. That’s my philosophy on this. How about yours?

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