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Despite the fact he makes the environment/office conducive to work in I was still feeling awful about the work. I started forgetting small details I never forget before. I kept mixing up information and missing vital details. My boss begun complaining about my alter in character and my performance, but he was speedy to pardon me. I tried my best to get back to my senses, but it was a struggle and this can only stop if I quit the work and discover what I’m happy about. At that point, it was not an option for me. I felt it would be selfish of me to let go of what he offered me. As the days went by, I became more discouraged at work I was not only missing details no matter how I pay attention to it, but I was loosing my mind. I still remember an occurrence that gave me a chance to make up my mind about leaving the work irrespective of what my boss considers. It was on Tuesday evening around 5 p.m.we were almost rounding off for the day the light disappointed when typing a report to be presented to the bank the following day. He asked me if I could put on the generator though it’s not the standard generator, we need to draw the rope till it comes on. I told him I can start it, and he said I should put on the generator so that work can continue. I went to the generator house and did what I thought was right. Shortly after operating the generator, I heard a boisterous scream and my boss hurried to the generator house with two other men who were our clients I was panicked and stood aside, so one of the men came forward to put off the generator. My boss looked at me furiously. What is wrong with you? He shouted hysterically. Times without number I have asked about what has been bothering you but you’ll never give me a reply I will send you away before you bring me down I have had enough of your garbage.He strolled away, and clients who came with him strolled gradually behind him. I was shaking…what has truly come over me? When I got to the office, he asked for my identity card and I gave him as well as my keys to the office. He said I was suspended from work till further notice I was dazed he left my presence and headed home. I stood in that spot for over 20 minutes with a blank mind.

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